Art takes you on a journey - thats the reward.

Konrad Zalar

I always loved to play in the woods as a little child, so it was quite expectable that I would try carving. One day I took a knife and just started. Some time later a little sculpture of an angel and my love to that craftmanship was born. Since then, I taught myself much about art and many crafts. Today I express myself and the world how I see it through the art. Trying not only to make myself happy with art, but also share the joy with others was the motivation for starting this side.

how I work

Letting lose and therefore giving pieces the room to breath makes it possible to overcome the limited meaning that I as an artist can give. A block of wood is not only becoming a sculpture but also gets a life through that.

My pieces claim to be independant from others and just a part of me with no corruption from the outside – the outside is part of me too.


About Lignikate

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